harbourfront buskers' petition....

I believe that Victoria's harbourfront buskers are an important part of the city's cultural fabric. They are independent business people who entertain tens of thousands of tourists and local residents every year. I would like the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, the City of Victoria, and other stakeholders to recognize the role the harbourfront buskers play and to include them as stakeholders when planning events, regulatory changes, and architectural upgrades to the waterfront.

Summer has definitely arrived here in Victoria, BC! We've already been down to the Causeway a number of times and made lots of new friends and fans. We'll be doing some recording soon as a quartet (clarinet, trumpet, guitar & vocals, and upright bass). We also have lots of shows coming up at places like the Moss Street Market and the Victoria Folk Music Society.

Last year I was happy to play a Home Routes tour plus fun shows at Rifflandia, The Victoria JazzFest, Islands Folk Festival, and the Vancouver Island MusicFest as well as regular gigs and busking.

Lots of free streaming and downloadable samples of our music here.

"Dave Lang is an original throwback to a time when subtlety and good humour meant something. A literate mind, with a touch of Tom Lehrer attached to a subversive heart. This is a show to experience.”
     - Mitch Podolak (Artistic Director, Home Routes & co-founder Winnipeg Folk Fest)

"Dave Lang & the Twin Otters are a favourite! Guests are thrilled with their performances."
     - Lisa Boehme, The Superior

"Thanks so much to you and the Otters for the excellent and entertaining show that you put on for us at Norway House. You have some fine musicianship in the band as well as good repertoire and personality!"
     - Patty Castle, The Victoria Folk Music Society