Getting good feedback re: playing some festivals next summer! Looking forward to playing the Geoff Berner tribute show in Vancouver on Feb 6. Private engagement for New Year's Eve. Had fun playing at Carolyn Mark's "Home for the Holidays" show. Recording with full band in Jan....


Lots of free streaming and downloadable samples of our music here.

"Dave Lang is an original throwback to a time when subtlety and good humour meant something. A literate mind, with a touch of Tom Lehrer attached to a subversive heart. This is a show to experience.”
     - Mitch Podolak (Artistic Director, Home Routes & co-founder Winnipeg Folk Fest)

"I go to every one of these shows, but I usually fall asleep. I didn't fall asleep at all when you guys were playing!" - 'Home Routes' audience review

"I had no idea jazz could be so much fun!" - 'Jazz At Crofton' audience review

"Dave Lang & the Twin Oughtas are a favourite! Guests are thrilled with their performances."
     - Lisa Boehme, The Superior